Ghana Wildlife

Ghana Wildlife Will Captivate You- Whether You’re an Intrepid
Explorer or a Cautious Newcomer

Ghana wildlife is some of the most amazing and rare in the world; that’s the immediate impression of most of the country’s travelers, and is deeply embedded in local culture and traditions. As Ghana offers an array of landscapes ranging from low coastal areas to inland plains, the variety of animals to be found is only limited by the length of your stay.

Although many of the native creatures remain elusive for safari tours and explorations into the bush, a wide selection of fascinating animals both large and small are to be found in their own element, just a few miles away from comfortable accommodation.

The country’s many dedicated parks and protected wilderness areas provide great venues for sightseeing with animals, whether it’s a full-scale safari expedition complete with outdoor camping or simply a day’s journey into unknown stretches of nature with a comfortable return to civilization at the end of the day.

The wildlife scene includes a full roll call of exotic and gregarious monkeys, including Mona, Diana, and Colobus Monkeys, along with Bongo Chimpanzees and Olive Baboons.

You may also get to see great African Elephants, buffalo, lions, antelope, bushbucks. Warthogs and hartebeests are aplenty, as are aardvarks and oribi. Bats, gazelles, and shrews are among more commonly-seen inhabitants, and explorers along the coast or out at sea may even be treated to the sight of West African Manatees.

From impressive giants previously unseen outside of the local zoo to exotic, beautiful species that seem painted into the landscape, Ghana wildlife boasts a selection of animals that are truly worth checking out.

In the air and perched on branches, an assortment of birds await those with a pair of binoculars and a bit of patience. Local species include Sunbirds, the Woodland Kingfisher, African Grey and Senegal Parrots, Fraser’s Eagle Owl, the Palm-Nut Vulture, the Orange-Cheeked Waybill, and many more, of plumages and personalities as varied as their names.

Ghana wildlife is largely supported by the country’s system of preserved lands, many of which offer special tourism packages and can help travelers locate the animals they wish to see (and to do so without losing an arm or a leg!). The Owabi Wildlife sanctuary is a great place for catching Ghana animals, especially the native bird populations. Agmatsa Wildlife Sanctuary is a special treat for bat lovers, or for anyone who likes waterfalls; the park features the country’s highest falls and showcases avian and amphibian animals.

Two dedicated monkey sanctuaries, Boabeng-Fiema and Tafi, are home to large populations of Ghana’s indigenous primates and work toward supporting endangered monkey species. The Tafi Sanctuary, located by the enormous Lake Volta, is inhabited by native tribes who live in harmony with the monkeys and aim to protect what is left of their largely exploited natural habitat.

All in all there’s an incredible lifetime experience waiting for avid animal lovers and new travelers alike. With scores of exotic species, gentle giants, fierce predators, and strange creatures lurking among the picturesque backdrops of the Ghana countryside, a tour of Ghana wildlife may lead one to believe that natural paradise is the real reason the area was named the Gold Coast.

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