Where Is Ghana?

Asking Where is Ghana
Can Lead You to a Greater Appreciation
of One of Africa’s Greatest Countries

The question of where is Ghana is one that often comes up for American and European travelers, as well as those wanting to branch out and learn about the country.

With a large number of countries of various sizes which have changed their names or otherwise divided and united amid political transactions in the recent past, Africa, and especially West Africa, can seem like a jumble of nations to the untrained eye. But Ghana isn’t too hard to spot once its shape and location are studied; in fact, it stands out well among its neighbours.

Ghana, which was known as the British Gold Coast during its colonisation up to the 1950’s, is situated along the Gulf of Guinea on the southern coast of the continent’s western lump. A rectangular territory of just under two hundred fifty thousand square kilometers, the country of Ghana is bordered by Burkina Faso to the north, Togo to the east, and Cote d’Ivoire to the west.

The country’s superb location allows for adventuring and relaxing in either coastal or inland environments, along with close proximity to Africa’s other nearby natural landscapes.

Ghana is split into ten distinct territories: these are the Upper West, Upper East, Northern, Brong-Ahafo, Western, Ashanti, Eastern, Volta, Central, and Greater Accra. The latter territories are situated near the country’s coast, while the first few regions are located inland. The capital city of Accra , a great urban destination famous for its superb artifacts and monuments such as slave forts, is situated in the territory of Greater Accra. Elmina, home of the renowned Portuguese-built Elmina Castle, resides within the Central territory.

Where is Ghana is an inquiry easily solved, but just as easily encouraging of curiosity as to the country’s geography and notable features.

Close to the equator, Ghana enjoys a hot and tropical climate which nevertheless manages to keep average temperatures and rainfall amounts within comfortable levels. With fairly low elevation throughout the territories and an abundance of shrubbery and other flora, the nation offers much in the way of diversion and hospitality.

Lake Volta, situated in the territory of the same name, is the largest artificial lake in the world and serves as a popular destination. Many rivers along the coast and to the north of Lake Volta’s edge provide water for sustenance and fun activities. By steering clear of harsh extremes, Ghana keeps itself effortlessly enjoyable, in any territory.

Finding out the answer to where is Ghana is a quest that can lead to an exciting investigation of what was once the British Gold Coast and continues to be a land full of marvels for visitors from around the world.

As one encounters the checkered yet fascinating past of the country and discovers its potential to be a great destination for both traveling and settling down, the question becomes where is Ghana going.

For its beauty and diversity, its freedoms and fluid landscape, Ghana seems to resoundingly answer that the possibilities are limitless.

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