Ghana Tourism

Ghana Tourism Provides
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Ghana tourism is responsible for a significant portion of the country’s financial well-being, and is experiencing a remarkable growth as travelers reach out to new destinations and look to the area previously known as the Gold Coast for catching an authentic glimpse of West Africa.

Ghana Tourism - Beach Scene

Ghana Tourism - Beach Scene

While Ghana tours and major attractions are beneficial for the country and its people, the Ministry of Tourism focuses on measures which uphold the possibility for quality experiences, not just mass-produced, “cookie-cutter” holidays.

That being said, it might be a bit difficult to experience an “average” stint of Ghana travel. With an exciting array of animals and natural features unique to the region, the Ghana wildlife and wild landscape itself make for unexpected experiences awaiting at every turn.

Thanks to the country’s general stability and tradition of blending the wealth of the past with the innovations of the future, accommodations at hotels in Ghana and well organized facilities and services mean those unexpected surprises during the course of one’s visit get to stay on the positive side.

But where is Ghana located, exactly? Just under West Africa’s broad curve into the Atlantic, above the Gulf of Guinea, Ghana rests between Cote d’Ivoire and Togo, comprising a rectangle on its short side. And what of the climate? Ghana weather is great for getting away from the cold,as annual temperatures hover in the mid to high 80’s with hotter months beginning in the late Spring.

Ghana currency is available in the Ghana Cedi, a note recently introduced to help curtail devaluation. Shopping at local markets can turn up rare and fun handcrafted items and also helps to support local artisans and manufacturers.

Touristic diversions within the country’s handful of major cities include the famous Elmina Castle along with other historic slave forts (slavery in Ghana was a peak industry through the nineteenth century), as well as museums, parks, nightclubs, and cultural shows. Both the inland bush and the coastal beach provide natural settings for Ghana tourism that are truly unlike any place else on earth.

Pictures of Ghana reveal a land replete with natural beauty and modern amenities, both working to co-exist and achieve a sustainable balance. This effort can be supported through the country’s many opportunities for eco tourism, which strives to deliver breathtaking adventures into the natural Ghana wilderness while using methods and materials that benefit, rather than tax upon, the local environment.

Obtaining a Ghana visa is a simple and straightforward process for most travelers and flights to and from the Kotoka International Airport provide modern travel with distinct local amenities and are a fast and convenient way to reach the capital city of Accra.

The Ghanaian tourist industry thrives on the natural curiosity of travelers and benefits from their conscientious steps toward supporting and respecting the country’s growth and traditions.

Through maintaining excellent facilities and processes while highlighting the splendor of nature and richness of culture and traditions, Ghana tourism presents opportunities unmatched.

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