A very popular Ghanaian snack, kelewele (kay-lay-way-lay) are soft plantain, cut into small cube like portions, seasoned with the likes of ginger, salt and pepper and fried in hot oil fried until the sugar in the plantain caramelizes along the squared edges. Mmmm!

The plantain needs to be just right : too soft and it will soak up too much oil and if it’s too hard it just doesn’t taste right and it requires too much effort to eat!

Normally sold by street vendors, you will not be able to resist this tasty spicy fried plantain’s characteristic and hunger inducing aroma. But then again, why would you want to. Get stuck in and enjoy – perhaps with some peanuts. Your taste buds will thank you for it!



My people back home know about my love for this Ghana food snack. And they know that whenever we go into town, on the way back home (at night, even if I’m fast asleep), we must stop – usually at one of the vendors at Atomic Junction – and get some.

And we’d better buy a portion for the old man else we’re in trouble.

If we’re lucky, it’s just come out of the pan and rather that wait for it to cool I usually play a delicate juggling game – tossing them around in my mouth and taking carefully timed chews to avoid getting burnt. I now have this art form synchronised to perfection.

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