Jollof Rice

Jollof Rice:
An All Time Favourite!

Jollof rice is truly a Ghanaian favourite. And I have incredibly fond memories devouring it.
Being the families post church meal, every Sunday afternoon we would sit down and chop (‘eat’) well ohh! (Obviously after changing out of our Marks & Spencer’s Sunday best.)

This tasty dish is actually a firm favourite in all West African homes. And although Ghanaians and Nigerians,in particular, have taken credit for it it’s actually the traditional dish of the Wolof tribe who hail from the Senegambia region and this is where it is believed to have originated. But who really knows for sure.

jollof-riceThere are many variations of Jollof (or Jolloff or Djolof) depending on one’s culinary tastes. I prefer mine plain – ie. no meat incorporated. I’d just add a piece fried snapper, hard boiled egg, fried plantain and some black pepper. Greaaaat!

Others might cook it with corn beef, goat meat, prawns or whatever (fish, meat or vegetables that) takes their fancy.

And just to increase it’s popularity, it’s very easy to cook. Thank goodness!

The basic ingredients are rice (obviously!) tomatoes, tomato sauce/paste, onion, salt, and pepper. It’s this combination that gives the rice its distinctive and characteristic reddish colour.

CLICK HERE and find out how to cook this legendary dish.

Go to any Ghanaian (or West African) party such as a wedding, funeral or out-dooring and you’ll be in for a treat. The only downside now it that contemporary culture is dictating that Jollof is served as a side dish.

What none-sense! The quicker we get back to having a proper plate of rice – i.e. the rice as a foundation and not a side attraction – the better.

Can I count on your support?!!!

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