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There’s no doubt about it. Ghana culture will enrich and awaken you!

The dictionary describes culture as a total range of activities and ideas of a people.

So I came up with the term “The Ghana Culture Matrix – to describe and represent the most popular life-styles of the Ghana people”.

And the diversity and the pride of Ghanaians are what make our culture so rich, vibrant and unique.

The importance of which led to the The Ghana National Commission on Culture to be set up in 1990 to –
“ensure the promotion of culture in the national life of the people”.

Ghana Culture: Homowo Harvest Festival. Celebrated by the Ga people from the Greater Region of Accra

Ghana Culture: Homowo Harvest Festival. Celebrated by the Ga people from the Greater Region of Accra

For Ghanaians, culture is paramount.

As a child I remember our grandmother, Manteng, visiting us in the UK. Now, here’s a woman with no formal schooling and about 10 words of English. And with her very limited command of the English language, she told reminded me time and time again to:

“Know your culture”.

If I came home from school and greeted her in English, she refused to respond!

So Manteng, this website is dedicated to you. RIP

It would obviously take a life time to cover everything to do with Ghana Culture but we only need to get a taste of it! So by looking at the popular culture of Ghana we can examine what truly unites Ghanaians.

One thing that most certainly unites the Ghana people is football – or as many prefer, soccer.

Following the Black Star’s (the senior national team’s) exploits in the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany; a semi final spot at this year’s (2008) MTN African Cup of Nations; and the emergence of a sizeable number of Ghanaian players in the world’s top leagues, Ghana soccer is definitely flavour of the month.

Champions of Ghana Soccer: The Black Stars FIFA 2006 Team

Champions of Ghana Soccer: The Black Stars FIFA 2006 Team

Soccer is such a huge element of Ghanaian culture that it’s practiced by many with religious fervor. And when it comes to religion, there are many aspects Ghana religion that are interesting to say the least. But that’s a whole other story!

In addition to soccer, religion and of course the people, there are other key elements that add to the make-up of The Ghana Culture Matrix – namely music and art culture.

The art culture of Ghana, as you can imagine is as diverse as the people. From the explosive colours and designs of the world famous kente cloth to the traditions and dances performed while
commemorating important events, there’s much to absorb and enjoy.

E.T. Mensah: One of the greats of Ghana Music

E.T. Mensah:A Ghana Music Great!

And not to be outdone, the Ghana music scene is on a mission.

Known throughout the world music scene for the high-life sounds of greats such as E.T. Mensah (pictured )- regarded as the founder and King of high-life – and for the genre’s more contemporary, grittier and cooler off-spring known as hip life.As its name suggests, hip life is a mash-up of traditional high-life and US hip hop. And when you talk about hip life, young Ghanaians the world over are shaking their things to the sounds of Tinny and Tic Tac.

Tinny: One of Ghana music's important hip-life artists

Tinny: One of Ghana music's important hip-life artists

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