Cities In Ghana

Cities in Ghana offer a variety
of exciting attractions —
but you’ll discover their charm
in the subtle things

As with any nation’s collection of metropolitan areas, the major cities in Ghana reflect a broad and diverse set of regional traditions and customs, climate and wildlife – and local eccentricities. Often considered the country “closest to the centre of the world” for its proximity to the equator, Ghana presents an attractive spot for holidays, exploring, and getting in touch with West African culture and the history of the Gold Coast.

While the various small villages and rural areas-from the arid plains of the North to the coastal and idyllic stretches of
land in the South – provide unique experiences for observing and understanding the Ghanaian way of life, major cities allow for full amenities and conveniences while offering access to the country’s many wild places and delivering their own regional flavours.

As one might suspect, the majority of larger cities in Ghana lay within the Southern coastal region. Famous for its decidedly warm and welcoming atmosphere relieved by cool breezes, the region is divided into a handful of districts, most associated with specific tribes or traditions.

Accra, the nation’s capital and the centre of the Greater Accra region, also has the largest population among all the cities in Ghana.

At just over two million inhabitants, the city offers a taste of major metropolitan life in Ghana and Africa. Accra offers a variety of sites and excursions, from cultural journeys in the arts to explorations of the many markets, restaurants, and night clubs; not to mention the beach. Favorite traveler destinations include the National Museum and the bustling Makola Market.

Kumasi, in the country’s Ashanti region, is the second-largest of the cities in Ghana.

Kumasi is sometimes referred to as “the Garden City” in tribute to the many exotic and beautiful species of plants and animals to be found in the area. Markets are a big draw for visitors and include some of the largest in the country; museums including a converted fort facility and the Kumasi Hat Museum. The local zoo is a big attraction, featuring a representative array of national wildlife. Cultural festivals abound throughout the year and highlight the traditions and beliefs of local Ghanaian tribes, the principal of which is the storied Ashanti people.

With just one hundred and fifty thousand inhabitants, Cape Coast is nevertheless considered one of most important cities in Ghana.

The region is the historic homeland of the Fante people, and this city by the sea comprises their capital. Cape Coast was constructed around Cape Coast Castle, which was used for the detainment of slaves before they were shipped off to Europe and the New World; the site is now an historic monument and an important stop for history buffs.

Sekondi-Takoradi, also located on the coast, is home to a large number of educational facilities and is a major production centre for many of Ghana’s principal exports. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has established a “Fab-Lab,” or advanced fabrication facility, in Sekondi-Takoradi, a fun stop for those passing through.

Tamale, in the Northern district, is one of the most rapidly growing cities and delights visitors with its range of modern amenities amidst local wildlife.

Sunyani, in the Brong-Ahafo district, features the Cocoa House, a tall building filled with eclectic boutiques and important regional business offices. The city is an important northern nexus of the Ashanti people. The Kintampo waterfalls and Boabeng Monkey Sanctuary nearby make it a great urban stop for an outdoors adventure.

Individually and as a group, cities in Ghana bestow the country with exceptional traveling value and highlight the traditional practices and talents of the country’s people.

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