Ghana Africa

Ghana Africa:
Past, Present and Future

Why Ghana Africa and not just Ghana? Because it’s so good I’ve named it twice – well kind of!

‘Born’ on 6 March, 1957 the Republic of Ghana became the first in country in Africa (south of the Sahara) to gain independence from colonial rule.
This momentous occasion had its first President, Osagyefo
Dr. Kwame Nkrumah declaring that:

”The Independence of Ghana is meaningless unless it is linked
up to the total liberation of Africa”

Many African countries then followed the lead taken by ‘the Black Star’ of Africa.

Of course the country previously known as Gold Coast has a history that goes back a lot further. In fact archaeological evidence suggests that the region has been occupied by humans since 10,000 BC.

OK – let’s get back to the future…..

Independence Square, Accra, Ghana Africa

Independence Square, Accra, Ghana Africa

Last year, being the nation’s Golden Jubilee, an initiative known as ‘Ghana at 50’ was organised to (amongst other things):

”To celebrate and commemorate Ghana’s landmark achievement as the first country in Black Africa to attain independence from colonial rule”

Ghanaians, both home and abroad, from Accra and Kumasi to London and from Amsterdam to Frankfurt, embraced these celebrations in their customary style – with food, drink, music, dancing and smiles on their faces. And for some, yet more food!

Trust me, there are some Ghanaian men and ladies somewhere or another in the capital still celebrating – Ghana flag in hand.

You’ll need a very comprehensive city map of Accra to stand a chance of finding them though!

You’re only chance would be to listen very carefully for some one blasting out the national anthem. Probably very badly!

Some would say that the love Ghanaians have for music and partying is in the blood. Others would say it’s in the drink – a local gin-type brew known as akpeteshie! (Please note, this drink is NOT for the faint-hearted).

So what does modern Ghana Africa look and feel like?

Well, this map of Ghana collection will give you a pretty good idea of how the country looks. Some provide detail while others just an overview.

There’s so much to say about the so-called Jewel of Africa, I thought it might be an idea to give you an easy to read info guide containing the main facts about Ghana.

Like many of its neighbours, Ghana’s population is highly
concentrated in urban areas. This is mainly due to the breakdown of traditional occupations in rural areas such as farming, and by the search for employment in the Capital, Accra.

Sometimes I wonder, traveling in crowded districts like Osu, how so many people can live happily in such surroundings.

And then I get a whiff of a tasty dish being prepared roadside by one of the tireless Accra women, and my mind gets back to the business at hand:

”How am I not going to put on weight during my 7 day quick visit home??”

Time will tell…..

In the mean time, Ghana Africa – we salute you!

Facts About Ghana

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Ghana Flag

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