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We’re here to bring you the best of what Ghana has to offer in a fun and entertaining manner.

So what’s so good about Ghana and Ghanaian culture?

Well, if you asked me (and millions of others both home and abroad) we would say everything!

– friendly people
– humour
– delicious food
– music
– glorious weather
– history
– and much much more!

By the way did I mention the humour?

Ghana – Past, Present and Future

‘Born’ on 6 March, 1957 the Republic of Ghanabecame the first in country in Africa (south of the Sahara) to gain independence from colonial rule.

A Perfect Platform for an Unforgettable Getaway

Ghana tourism is responsible for a significant portion of the country’s financial well-being, and is experiencing a remarkable growth as travelers reach out to new destinations and look to the area previously known as the Gold Coast for catching an authentic glimpse of West Africa.

Welcome to Uncle Nii’s Ghana Food Heaven

Being West Africa’s cultural core and with a plethora of sub-cultures, what ever road you turn down in Ghana you know your taste buds are in for one hell of a soaking

Enrich Your Soul with Ghanaian Culture

It’s the diversity and the pride of Ghanaians that makes our culture so rich, vibrant and unique.

The importance of which led to the The Ghana National Commission on Culture to be set up in 1990 to –
“ensure the promotion of culture in the national life of the people”.